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A Boutique firm, based in Chicago. Our primary goal is reaching our client's goals that are established from the expectations of our services. We Guarantee that the relationship Built will be Mutually Beneficial. We happen to understand the philosophy of "The sale begins once the client says yes."
Top Avenues specializes in Google Ad Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management, Local Listing Presence and Mobile-website development specifically for the insurance industry.  
Why Choose Top Ave?
  • We work with many of the Top Insurance Agents in the country.


  • We offer flexibility to change your keywords whenever you desire.  


  • We provide monthly reporting to see how your keywords are performing
  • We have a dedicated team of marketing professionals working daily to make your business more profitable.     



"I am very pleased with Top Avenues! I have been working with Larry Eddings since 2013. He has donean excellent job managing my Google Ad Account and always keeps me at the top of the search results. He has always delivered on what he has promised.I strongly recommend his services to any small business owner. I have been very pleased with the results and it has been money well spent."



Paul Garetson-Oklahoma City Agent



From Parker Hall

To Lisa 

Cc Larry Eddings

Date 2018-12-07 

Lisa, yes I do use Larry and and have for a few years.I do not use the SEO groups. I did not like how they operated and didn’t find my ROI to be very good with them. My belief is that most folks go to google to first start their search for insurance. And I want to be at or near the top when they do that search. With Top Avenues I have found that I am consistently near the top and have been very happy with my placement. Let me know if you have any questions.


Parker Hall

Agent in Morgantown WV

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